“This project is part of a desire to revitalize the visual arts sector in the city of Bobo Dioulasso, the cultural granary of Burkina Faso. As in the rest of the country, the last five years have been very difficult for the visual arts. Security restrictions, followed by health restrictions, have had a strong impact on the attendance of exhibition and sales venues. Some of them have also closed, and several national and international exhibitions have been cancelled.

Faced with this situation, and in the wake of the “Wekré-Eclosion” exhibition organized in Ouagadougou, the Yiriwa project aims to participate in the revival of the plastic arts sector in Bobo Dioulasso, through the promotion of artists, the training of young talents, the opening of a local market and the organization of high visibility events.

The objectives

The main objective of this activity is to contribute to revive the interest of the general public for the plastic arts but also to give back a significant place to the plastic arts so that they can participate in the economic development of the city of Bobo.

YIRIWA pursues several specific objectives namely :

  • To participate in the resilience, the dynamism and the richness of the plastic arts in the city of Bobo
  • To affirm the importance of Art for the social link and to support the bringing together of the society.
  • To revitalize the career and to make known the artists by the setting in light of the works
  • To create a space of meeting, sharing of experience between the seniors and the young creators
  • To create a market for potential buyers “.
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