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Burkina Faso is a breeding ground for talented artists with a worldwide reputation. Artistic creation is part of the country’s deep identity, and artistic life is constantly vibrating in the face of political movements, socio-economic crises and instability.

Burkina Faso’s artistic heritage bears invaluable witness to the country’s history, as well as to the major developments in world history.

Several international festivals are regularly organized in the capital city of Ouagadougou and testify to its unavoidable place in the international artistic ecosystem, such as the BISO (Biennale Internationale de Sculpture de Ouagadougou) and the RIPO (Rencontres Internationales de Peinture de Ouagadougou), as well as the MurMur Festival devoted to mural paintings.

Although they are recognized worldwide, most Burkinabè artists remain unknown at home.  The role of art in social cohesion, in society and in the country’s economy also remains ignored by Burkinabè, who often see the artistic field as being reserved for a fringe of the population or for a foreign audience.

The global health crisis and its socio-economic consequences are also causing all sectors to reinvent themselves and review their mode of operation. The traditional actors that allow artists to live from their profession, such as international galleries, museums, and international events are impacted by the crisis.

Faced with this situation, Burkinabe visual artists have taken the initiative to unite to make their creations known, to make their art live and to bring their contribution to the Renaissance after the stoppage, to the Hatching after the closure and confinement, to the Freedom after the constraints.

Creation is a catharsis, it is a liberating gesture. It is necessary to create to exist. (C.Sawadogo)

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