Wekré éclosion

The WEKRE (Eclosion) exhibition was initiated by Ateliers Maaneere (a space for creation, residencies and exhibitions) and Buudu production in collaboration with the professional associations of the sector (National Federation of Plastic Arts, BurkiGraff, Kayiri Association (Association of sculptors), Burkina Imagerie (Association of photographers), Association of caricaturists.

It is conceived as an action to take in hand the future of the sector, the country and the art.


The WEKRE – ECLOSION project mainly aims at :

  • Embodying the resilience, dynamism and richness of the visual arts in Burkina
  • Bringing lasting artistic testimonies to the pandemic
  • To affirm the importance of art for the social link and to encourage the bringing together of the population
  • To revive the interest of the general public in the visual arts
  • Make artists and their creations known and recognized (demystify, explain, show, reach out to people, find a local audience)
  • Building together a recognized and valued cultural sector
Collectif Wekre partenaires