About us

Wekré is a collective founded in April 2020 by Aboubacar Sanga, a cultural operator working for many years in the field of culture and events in Burkina Faso. Composed of a team of professionals of culture, arts and communication, this collective has given itself as main objectives to make known and recognize the Burkinabe visual artists and their creations (demystify, explain, show, go to the populations, find a local public) and to develop a cultural sector still unknown.


Our Team

  • Aboubakary Sanga, General Coordinator and Executive Secretary (E-mail)
  • Christophe Sawadogo, Art Director (E-mail)
  • Karine Johannes, General Manager (E-mail)
  • Jacob Kabré, Assistant Administrator (E-mail)
  • Maurice Sumbugma, Financial Administrator (E-mail)
  • Samira Lydivine Samandoulgou,Chargée de relations médias (E-mail)
  • Simpore Yaya, Digital communication manager (E-mail)
  • Wardah Diallo, external relations and VIP mobilization officer (E-mail)
  • Kabore Steeve, General manager
  • Guira Boukary, Logistics
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